Apple sued over car accident related to messages.

How does technology become responsible human actions?

How should those who have cell phones and other devices, so these devices can not be applied in a dangerous way?

Last week, a complaint accusing Apple of knowingly selling products that promote the tower and SMS was carried out in California.

The lawsuit, obtained by Ars Technica, was filed in the name of Julio Ceja. He said Ceja was injured by the driver of the car that struck her from behind. This driver has been distracted from your iPhone, and even hooked up while you were leaving.

The request does not seek monetary compensation for Ceja. Instead, it is necessary that the sale of all iPhone not stop before deploying the technology because Apple “put profit ahead of consumer safety.”

The lawsuit claims that texting and driving is out of control in California, and that “in the center of the epidemic is Apple iPhone very popular.”

He said that Apple has had a chance to put the technology on their block phones and, in fact, obtained a patent in 2014.

The patent describes a “portable computing device capable of providing a locking mechanism without requiring changes or additions to a vehicle by means of a motion analyzer, device parameters and a locking mechanism.”

But some wonder if it works. Phone manufacturers say they can not do tight enough precisely so as not to affect other phones in the car

A similar argument to force Apple block has been used in the recent court case involving a woman who was killed by a driver using FaceTime on the iPhone.

Neither the Apple or Ceja lawyers respond immediately to a request for comment.

Driving distracted is a huge problem. The lawsuit, but accuses Apple of causing “the death of about 312 Californians every year.” Lawyers Ceja negotiated figures from the Federal Highway Administration and Apple’s market share of “at least 52,000 traffic accidents in California [are] caused by Apple iPhones every year.”


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