Pakistans First Womens Only Taxi Service Launching today in Karachi.

Paxi launches taxis only for women now rises to the occasion of Women’s Day. It stands out from competition for two reasons, in particular – it is a company that operates in Pakistan and will earn income from the country and which is not only application-based.

Majority Dont Use Smartphones.

CEO of Paxis, Sheikh Zahid said that much of the population does not use smartphones and therefore do not have access to applications. For this reason, the company decided to offer other alternatives to make use of its services.

The CEO says,

Besides an app, were also setting up a call centre, where customers can call and book a ride.

Zahid Sheikh also explained that the work in a way quite similar to other applications. Clients can access applications called the call center, where the Representation Registry for the client with the number of available cells they provide or what they call from. The customer receives a 4-digit PIN code will be issued to the driver who say that as they begin their career.

Just send SMS your customer service will work and a taxi will be sent to the desired position.

Uniformed and Fully Public.

Paxi car and motorbike were on their flags and stickers to make them work separately, so they can be easily acclaimed on the street. The drivers will be in uniform.

The full implementation of these taxis will be on Pakistan Day, March 23, but for Women’s Day, the company decided to launch a part of this service.

Launching 10 Taxis for Now.

The only women driving the cars section and women are exclusively for women. PAXI decided that 10 taxis at that time to pull (the number is expected to increase), that cater specifically to women. It is called the Pink Taxi.

Sheikh Zayed said also said: “If our women can fly airplanes, why not Paxi” Say that women should have the same opportunities for all.


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