ITU Becomes the first digital university in Pakistan.

University of Information Technology (ITU) and EDX, one of the popular online learning platform providers and massive Open Course (MOOC), signed

Memorandum of Understanding.

According to a statement that cooperation between ITU and EDX for the formation of the first digital universities will result in Pakistan. ITU is also ranked as one of the first universities to integrate their courses with EDX programs for accredited courses at the University.

According to the agreement, the new micro-EDX teacher programs fully integrated into the various ITU programs

EDX courses are taught to students through the use of online learning material and EDX technical platform under the direct supervision of the Faculty of ITU. ITU faculty members will also offer additional courses and private lessons for the integration of EDX courses into the classrooms.

After completing a course, students receive a certificate from ITU and its partner universities EDX, which may be, etc. MIT, Harvard, Columbia.

ITU start only offer nutrition courses at MIT. Students also receive college credits and diplomas as you graduate from the ITU.

Vice-Chancellor of the ITU, Dr. Umar Saif and Professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and CEO of EDS, Dr. Anant Agarwal, were present at the signing ceremony.

The rector said:

“The collaboration with EDX allows Pakistani students, courses from the best universities in the world in their classes to attend the University of Information Technology, under the supervision of the faculty of ITU. This is the first of this type of association between EDS with online academic courses are integrated into EDX in the classroom “.

He added that,

“We are completing EDX micro-master in science mastery programs and the development of next year’s economy. At present, our electrical engineering students under circuit and MIT have been consulted by Through this association. ”

On occasion, Professor Anant Agarwal said:

“Through the use of technology and the University of Associations, ITU offers students a mixed learning environment that focuses on improving learning outcomes, combining the best of online learning With classroom instruction. We are honored to work with ITU and to work together to advance our common mission to increase access to quality education. “


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