Intel Has Closed its Offices in Pakistan.

Intel Corporation has completed its offices in Pakistan recently as part of its global business strategy to focus on profitable markets and reduce the costs of different countries.

The policy change includes focusing on the activities of multiple cloud computing hardware solutions, one trading partner said. The same strategy was also adopted in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.
The central office of Karachi has recently closed and other offices in different cities. In addition, most of the staff were dismissed, with the exception of selected employees who were transferred to offices in several countries in the region, such as Malaysia and Singapore.

Prominent faces include Naveed Siraj, its former campaign manager. He quit the company to join Dell EMC as its country manager for Pakistan and Afghanistan.

The marketing manager of the company, Asma Aziz was recently transferred to the Singapore office.

According to people in the industry, Intel Corporation, the largest manufacturer of chips in the world, has maintained its operations in Pakistan through business channel partners and vendors; however, their operations are headquartered in Malaysia.

The American multinational corporationhas maintained a significant proportion of desktop and laptop computers, an operator said.

The output of the largest semiconductor manufacturers in the world comes at a time when the Pakistani economy to move toward stability and sustainable growth, opening opportunities lucrative opportunities, and certainly not a good sign.

But the good news is based on a number of projects in Pakistan still works with Intel International Science and fair emerging. Therefore, students in Pakistan will have a participatory platform to showcase their talent in the field of science and technology.

It is worthwhile here that the Pakistani students from different cities have recalled numerous awards at trade fairs, thanks to Intel Corporation Foundation, in the past.


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