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Couch Potato claims to become the first application delivery to Pakistan Economic / Common Space on request.

Couch Potato, which announced today, aims to be here in an untapped market pioneer in Pakistan, providing a transparent way for people to do their homework assignment for the day with a mobile app that connects a Rider.

Their team of riding, or vienen heroes call them, are with lavoratorios Independent controlador Careem false and are distributed en holds hundreds throughout the city. Couch Potato claims their pilots will be ready for you in less than 15 minutes longer part of Karachi, Islamabad and other services are distinguished by the delivery of a lawsuit They Procedure.

We want to empower the people of Pakistan to use their time more efficiently. With our app we hope people can spend more time doing meaningful things, like being with family, and less time on the mundane day to day tasks that they arent required for. In addition, our service will benefit thousands of young aspiring entrepreneurs around the country to work as riders. Salman Wasay, CEO

The Social Economy exchange offers tremendous value to communities, especially in developing nations. Derived from non-profit initiatives, the demand economy has become a set of companies that connect millions of consumers with other private citizens who can provide goods and services quickly and efficiently. With Uber and careem already sending waves across the country, we are eager to see how the Couch Potatos will add to the landscape.

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