Block Blasphemous Content or Entire Social Media Will be Put Offline : High Court

In strong response against the blasphemous content on the Internet, the judge of the Supreme Court in Islamabad, Shaukat Aziz Siddiqui said today that the entire social media could be banned if the content is not blasphemous controlled, blocked by the government.

Shaukat Aziz asked the court about the steps the government has taken so far to stop the blasphemous content.

In his reaction to the failure of the watch authorities, he pointed out that this is a serious matter and cannot be relegated to the bureaucracy.

Justice Siddiqui could not control his emotions flowed like tears from the eyes of the Holy Prophet of Respect (PSL) in the audience.

“I support and sacrifice, my parents, my life and work for the Messenger of Allah (peacebe upon him) he said, adding, “PTA must take to go and should, if blasphemous pages can be closed.

Justice Siddiqui then directs Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan to appear in person before the court tomorrow and executed measures that the government has taken to date in the fight against blasphemy of Internet shutdown.

IHC Justice said blasphemous as terrorists.


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